The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

Two things..

One. I know, I know, I know, French fries aren’t actually French… they’re Belgian. BUT, Sant and I traveled through the Netherlands, Belgium and France and we tried the fries in almost every city we visited and the best fries we came across were in France. Although this particular shop is a Belgian Friterie (fry shop) so I think that makes it an acceptable best spot for fries. What more fitting city to find these delicious French fries in than the gastronomic capital of France and of the world, Lyon.

Two. I realize that everyone will have a different opinion on what the best fries in this region are, but I wanted to share mine because these fries were incredible. So here it goes…

Since the late 20th century, Lyon has built a solid reputation as the gastronomic capital and being the food lovers that we are, we couldn’t wait to explore Lyon and all of its culinary delights. We ate a lot of delicious food during our time in Lyon, but one thing we couldn’t stop talking about for days and even weeks after was the French fries at Friterie Bintje & Zoet.

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

Bintje & Zoet is a small fry shop in the heart of Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon). It sits on one of the most popular streets in Vieux Lyon, Rue Saint-Jean, so it’s in a great location and is super easy to find. The only thing we tried here were the French fries, so I can’t attest to the other food but if it’s anything like the fries then I’m sure it’s mouthwatering.

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

Sant and I decided to stop here since it was close to the apartment we were staying in and we bought a grand cornet (cone) of fries to share. In hindsight, we really should have bought two because after tasting them, I don’t think either of us wanted to share. I think the thing that makes these fries infinitely better than ones from home are that these are thicker and double fried which make them super crispy and oh, so delicious.

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

I love to dunk my fries in sauce so, of course, I couldn’t pass up trying the different sauces. My favorite ended up being the mayonnaise sauce which is pretty typical to eat with Belgian fries. Sant loved the andalouse sauce which had a little kick to it and was really good (I’ll admit, I loved it too!).

During one of our days in Lyon, we bought a grand cornet of fries and took it back to our apartment. After devouring it, Sant says “I think I’m going to go back and get more.” I laughed, but he was so serious about it, he walked back down the street and returned a few minutes later with another grand cornet of fries… which we devoured, again.

I definitely recommend visiting Lyon as it ended up being one of our favorite cities on our trip. Lyon is a foodie’s paradise with some of the most delicious food in the world. If you find yourself in Lyon, do not miss trying the fries at Bintje & Zoet in Vieux Lyon. They are affordable, crispy, and downright mouthwatering, so don’t skip the best fries in France! 

Have you ever been to Bintje & Zoet? Where have you eaten the best fries?


Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid

One thing I will never skimp on while traveling around Europe is the gelato. Gelato everyday? Gelato multiple times in one day? Sounds great to me! I can always find room in my budget for a little more gelato. I think it’s one thing I refuse to skimp on because gelato places aren’t as abundant in the U.S. as they are in Europe so I like to get my fair share before I go home. During my time in Madrid, I tried a lot of different gelato places but my all time favorite was Amorino.

 Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid

There are two different locations in Madrid, one near Puerta del Sol and one on the 9th floor of El Corte Inglés at the Callao metro stop (bonus: this location offers beautiful views of Madrid). There are also other Amorino locations in different cities throughout Europe and in New York City.

Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid
Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid

Now, I’ll be completely honest with you, Amorino is not the cheapest gelato you will find. I thought it was a little on the pricey side when it comes to gelato but it’s definitely worth trying at least once because it’s so good. Plus, if you get your gelato in a cone they shape the gelato to be a flower which is really cool! All the flavors I tried were delicious but definitely sample a few flavors first to figure out what you want before you pay!

Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid
Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid   Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid

If you’re in Madrid or one of the other cities with an Amorino store and you love gelato as much as I do then do not miss out on trying Amorino! It’s seriously the best gelato I’ve had and you can mix different flavors. I can’t wait to be back in Madrid so I can sit at the top of El Corte Inglés admiring the city while I eat my favorite gelato.

Have you ever tried Amorino Gelato? Did you like it? I would love to hear what you think – leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Restaurant Review: Tacos El Gordo

I tried Tacos El Gordo for the first time last August in Las Vegas and honestly, I can’t rave about this place enough. IT’S SO GOOD. Arguably the best authentic Mexican tacos I’ve ever had and if you know me I love Mexican food and have eaten a lot of tacos. You haven’t had tacos until you’ve tried them at Tacos El Gordo, trust me.

Restaurant Review: Tacos El Gordo

There are locations in the San Diego and Las Vegas areas so if you’re close to one of these cities don’t miss out on these delicious tacos. I went to the Tacos El Gordo on the Las Vegas Strip but they have since closed that location but don’t worry there are still two other locations in Las Vegas.

Now, some tips for first-timers since the restaurant isn’t set up like a typical restaurant and can be a little intimidating when you first walk in.

  • There are different lines dedicated to different meats so pay attention to what line you’re in! If you’re with a group it’s easier for members to stand in different lines to get the tacos you want so you don’t have to wait as long- divide and conquer.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to find a table so if you have an extra person with you that can snatch up an empty table while everyone else is still waiting in line then definitely do that!
  • The lines might look super long but don’t worry they move pretty quickly.
  • I suggest eating the tacos at the restaurant when they are fresh! We had Tacos El Gordo twice while in Vegas, once at the restaurant and once we took the tacos back to where we were staying and I thought they were infinitely better at the restaurant when they are fresh.

Restaurant Review: Tacos El Gordo

Tender, juicy strips of meat stuffed inside a double corn tortilla topped with onions, cilantro and sauce. Is your mouth watering yet? But wait, I haven’t even gotten to the best part.. all the food is super fresh! You are literally standing there watching them make your tacos- from the fresh, handmade tortillas to them slicing the meat off a big, rotating slab of meat right into the tortilla to the addition of toppings (your choice what you want on top- I like to get everything on mine).

Restaurant Review: Tacos El Gordo

My favorite tacos were the adobada (spicy pork) but I’ve also heard wonderful things about the carne asada (beef) and lengua (beef tongue) tacos. I definitely suggest trying out a few different meats to figure out what you like- you really can’t go wrong with any of them! Inexpensive, authentic, unbelievably delicious – don’t miss Tacos El Gordo if you’re in an area lucky enough to have a restaurant. They should really think about extending out to the Midwest but I guess I always have something to look forward to each time I head to Vegas.

Have you been to Tacos El Gordo? What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Craving Chipotle in Madrid? I Have the Answer!

For those that don’t know, Chipotle is a Mexican Grill offering design-your-own burritos, tacos and bowls and is located throughout the U.S., Canada and UK. It’s no secret to many that know me, I love Chipotle, I think the food is delicious and I get to add all the things I love to my bowl (or burrito/tacos). Now, considering this is one of my favorite places to eat, I was having serious Chipotle cravings during my stay in Madrid and was determined to find a substitute.

Craving Chipotle in Madrid? I Have the Answer! || Travel Far, Eat Well

My friends and I discovered Tierra Burrito Bar which has the same type of restaurant set-up and a similar menu as Chipotle. They have a variety of options including burritos, tacos, bowls (everything inside a burrito without the tortilla) and nachos. Tierra was the perfect way to satisfy all my Chipotle cravings while I was staying Madrid. Even if you have never heard of Chipotle, you should definitely stop by Tierra for a bite to eat, it’s super easy to order and you get to decide exactly which foods you want to add to your meal. It’s a quick and affordable place to stop for some delicious food during a busy (or not so busy) day exploring Spain’s wonderful capital.

Address for Tierra:
Calle de Guzmán el Bueno, 52, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Looking for different restaurant suggestions in Madrid? Check out San Ginés for churros and chocolate and Ópera Pizza for delicious pizza!

My Favorite Spot for Pizza in Madrid

Pequeño quatro queso pizza, por favor.

Translation: small four cheese pizza, please. I used this phrase a lot during the month I lived in Madrid. Ópera Pizza easily became my favorite pizza place in Madrid. It’s conveniently located right near the Ópera metro stop or about a 10 minute walk from Puerta del Sol (the center of Madrid). The restaurant has outside seating so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a slice of pizza while people watching. I spent several warm summer evenings sitting outside under the setting sun with wonderful friends. A cheesy slice of pizza in hand as we watched the commotion in the street and all the strangers passing by.

Ópera Pizza - Madrid || Travel Far, Eat Well

The pizza is reasonably priced and the staff is super friendly. The restaurant has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere so don’t be surprised if you get caught up chatting long after the pizza is gone. If you are looking for an affordable and tasty place to grab some food, I definitely recommend Ópera Pizza!

Ópera Pizza - Madrid || Travel Far, Eat Well

My very delicious four cheese pizza.

Looking for more to do in Madrid? Check out San Ginés for yummy churros and chocolate and Las Ventas for breathtaking architecture of Madrid’s bullring.

Have you ever been to Ópera Pizza? Have any other suggestions for great places to get pizza in Madrid?

The Best Place for Churros con Chocolate in Madrid

The Best Place for Churros con Chocolate in Madrid || Travel Far, Eat Well

I feel like it’s somewhat of an unspoken rule that if you travel to Spain, you have to try churros con chocolate. Churros con chocolate are a popular breakfast option in Spain and much of Latin American, but let’s be honest… churros con chocolate are delicious any time of the day!

So, where is the best place to eat churros con chocolate in Madrid? Definitely the Chocolatería San Ginés! They’ve been open since 1894 and primarily serve churros con chocolate with limited other options. The hot chocolate is thick, creamy, rich and downright delicious. San Ginés is located really close to Sol (the center of Madrid) and is open all day. If you’re ever in Madrid, San Ginés is definitely worth a stop!

Chocolatería San Ginés || Travel Far, Eat Well

Do you have any other suggestions for great places to get churros con chocolate in Madrid?