BIG NEWS: Travel Far, Eat Well is Moving!

If you saw my last post highlighting some of my adventures from the past year and what’s coming up next year, then this should be no surprise to you. For the past couple months, I’ve been researching and thinking about moving Travel Far, Eat Well to a self hosted website ( instead of Well, I decided to take the leap and I’ve been working diligently this past week to get the new site up and running.

From now on, all new posts will appear on instead of the site you’re currently reading this on. All of my WordPress and email subscribers will be moving to the new site with me. Although there’s one major change: WordPress subscribers (those with a WordPress account) will no longer receive email updates of new posts, the new posts will only appear in the WordPress reader. So, click here and fill in your email address and click ‘submit’ on the right side of the page to receive email updates of new posts.

BIG NEWS: Travel Far, Eat Well is Moving!

Now that I’m self hosting, I’ll be able to customize the new site to fit my vision for Travel Far, Eat Well. I’m excited to continue sharing my adventures and travel tips with you while also being able to personalize and improve Travel Far, Eat Well as it grows and evolves.

Whether you’re a longtime reader or this is your first time on my site, I hope you’ll choose to continue following my adventures. Check out the new look of Travel Far, Eat Well and don’t forget to sign up to receive posts by email – it only takes a few seconds!

I’m sure I’ll be working out some issues with the site move for the next several weeks. So, if you see any issues or have any questions or concerns, please shoot me an email at


Adventure Countdown: 1 Day

One day…. say what?!

The last 11 days since I wrote an “adventure countdown” post have completely flown by! I turned in my last undergraduate assignments, walked across the stage and received my diploma! I can’t believe I’m finally a college graduate. It feels a little weird to be able to say that. All the graduation craziness and moving out of my apartment has kept me super busy and now I’m only one day away from embarking on our European backpacking trip. What?! Departure day has really snuck up on me and now I find my to-do list slowing increasing as the hours before we leave quickly decreasing. Nonetheless, it will all get done because, well, it has to!

Adventure Countdown: 1 Day

If you’re just now joining me on this adventure I’ll fill you in on some of our trip details. We will be traveling through the Netherlands, Belgium (Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp), France (Paris, Lyon), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville, Córdoba), and the lovely London. If you have suggestions on things we can’t miss in any of the cities we’re traveling to, leave a comment below! We (and by we I mean my boyfriend and I) will be traveling with nothing more than a 45 liter backpack strapped to our backs. There’s really no other option than to pack light but that’s kind of the point!

I will be blogging along the way, but I’m not taking a laptop or tablet so everything will be through my phone. I’ve never solely blogged through my phone (writing posts) so it’ll be interesting but I’ll make it work. For tons of photos and more frequent updates during our adventure follow me on Instagram and TwitterTo receive e-mail updates for new posts, you can subscribe to Travel Far, Eat Well on the right sidebar.

Do you have any last minute tips before we embark on our adventure? Any suggestions for must-see places in the countries we’re visiting? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Adventure Countdown: 12 Days

15 cities. 5 countries. 5 weeks.

I can’t believe my boyfriend and I will be leaving for our 5 week backpacking trip through Europe in LESS. THAN. TWO. WEEKS! I can hardly contain my excitement. I get more and more eager each day I cross off my calendar. I know it’ll be a very fast paced 5 weeks but I’m ready for a new adventure. We’ll be traveling through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and ending in London.

Adventure Countdown: 12 Days

These next 12 days until we leave will be extremely hectic. I’ll be finishing my last semester as an undergraduate and walking across that stage to receive my diploma. After graduation, I’ll have just 3 days to pack and get everything together for our big adventure. Being the engineer that I am, I love the planning phase of a trip almost as much as I love the actual trip, but of course the trip is always better. We’ve been anticipating and planning this trip for months and it’s finally just days away. It felt like our departure day would never arrive and I’m so excited for all the adventures, misadventures and funny stories that I’m sure will come out of our trip.

Do you have any tips for the few days before leaving on a trip? Do you have any upcoming trips planned? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Europe Flights are Booked!

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

As I pressed the final “purchase” button, I felt a wave of different emotions wash over me- excited, nervous, eager, passion. I think it finally hit me that in four short months, I will be graduating from college and my boyfriend and I will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Some people never get the chance to travel outside their country and I feel so fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to fulfill my dream of seeing the world one adventure at a time. This trip will hold a lot of “firsts” for me- the first time I will travel outside the country with my boyfriend, the first time I’ll go backpacking, the first time I’ll travel by rail. It’s exhilarating knowing this adventure is getting closer every single day and the first step in making this dream a reality was purchasing the flights (check!).

Europe Flights are Booked || Travel Far, Eat Well

Now, with every adventure comes deviations from the original plan and our Europe trip is no exception. Our original plan was altered slightly due to cheaper flights through London rather than Amsterdam. We made the very hard (not!) decision to go with the cheaper tickets and fly in/out of London which sounds wonderful to me since I am dying to tour Harry Potter Studios (I’m currently reading all 7 books, again!). Thus we extended our trip a few extra days (even for cheaper flight prices, score!) so we would have adequate time to explore London. Our new itinerary includes London, Holland, Belgium, France, and Spain. The cities we plan to visit are London, Amsterdam with a couple day trips (locations to be determined), Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. This is going to be a pretty fast-paced trip but I know one day we will return and spend more time exploring each country.

Travel Far, Eat Well

With the flights booked, there is no turning back- not that I want to. As the departure date gets closer, I’ll start booking our lodging accommodations (a mixture of airbnb apartments & hostels) and purchase our Eurail passes. I’ll continue to update on my trip planning progress throughout the upcoming months.

Have any tips as the departure date gets closer? Any must-bring items for backpacking trips? 

New Year, New Adventures

With every new year comes new adventures.

2015 will be a very exciting year for me- I’m graduating from college, backpacking Europe with my boyfriend, and starting my first “big girl” job. Several months ago I decided that I wanted one more big adventure before I got sucked into the world of working 8-5 everyday so along came the idea of backpacking Europe. Right after graduation, I would hop on a plane and explore Europe for a few weeks, and who better to go with than my loving boyfriend. Not long after, I was ordering travel guides and preparing to take on the daunting task of planning a backpacking trip.

About a thousand questions came to mind- What countries do we want to visit? Where will we stay? How will we travel between cities? How much money will this cost? How long can we travel? What should we pack? What is the best backpack to take?

Travel Far, Eat Well

Fast forward several months and I have almost all of these questions answered- we have decided to travel for 4 weeks, starting mid-May, exploring the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. I have learned a lot about planning for a trip, how to stay on a budget, how to plan an itinerary, and much more that I will share over the next several months leading up to our trip.

I am not an expert traveler, I’m learning new things everyday so I would love any feedback and advice from fellow travelers on trip planning or any of the countries that we are planning to visit. I want to know all of the must-see places in the countries we are traveling to make sure we don’t miss anything 🙂