My First Year – Travel Far, Eat Well

My First Year - Travel Far, Eat Well

Travel Far, Eat Well is officially one year old today! I can’t believe how far this site has come in the past year – 60 posts and over 300 subscribers. I started Travel Far, Eat Well because of my insatiable wanderlust and my desire to share my travel experiences with other aspiring adventurers. Maintaining Travel Far, Eat Well has been tiresome at times, but overall incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. One of the things I love the most is the diverse and supportive blogging community. I’ve gained so many friends across the globe that I otherwise would have never gotten to know and have immensely expanded my travel bucket list. The past year has skyrocketed my wanderlust to unimaginable levels – I’m constantly thinking and planning for my next adventure.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a huge thank you to all my readers for the support, feedback, likes, and comments over the past year. Let’s take a look back at this past year and what’s in store for the next year.

Most Popular Posts

Craving Chipotle in Madrid? I Have the Answer!

Craving Chipotle in Madrid? I Have the Answer! || Travel Far, Eat Well

This is by far my most viewed post. People must really want Chipolte in Madrid, but I mean, who doesn’t?! In all seriousness, Tierra is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat if you’re craving Chipotle in Madrid.

An Inside Look at Dachau – Germany’s First Nazi Concentration Camp

An Inside Look at Dachau - Germany's First Nazi Concentration Camp

This is my second most popular post and also one of my favorites. Many writers shy away from difficult topics such as the holocaust, but I think it’s so important to continue to tell the stories of the victims and survivors so they will never be forgotten.

First Impressions of the Netherlands

[Photo Essay] Canals of Amsterdam

I love that my post about the Netherlands is one of my most popular because I love the Netherlands! From the endless canals to the colorful Dutch houses to the vibrant tulip fields, what’s not to love?

My Favorite Posts

The Best Views of Bruges from the Top of the Belfry

The Best Views in Bruges from the Top of the Belfry

This will forever be one of my favorite posts because I absolutely fell in love with Bruges during our time there. Seeing a city from a bird’s-eye view is another one of my favorite things so I’m sure it’s no surprise that this is one of my favorite posts!

Best of the Midwest: Natural Falls State Park

Best of the Midwest: Natural Falls State Park

I love exploring the Midwest because it’s my home and Natural Falls is one of my favorite state parks. Combine great hiking with breathtaking waterfalls and you have the perfect afternoon!

[Photo Essay] Austrian Countryside

[Photo Essay] Austrian Countryside

Austria continues to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The amount of natural beauty is indescribable so, of course, a collection of photos is the best way to communicate the beauty.

What’s Coming Up Next Year

As of right now, my travel plans for the next year are pretty vague. I have several trip ideas floating around in my head, but I’m not quite sure which ones will become a possibility. I know I will definitely be making a trip to Colorado to go snowboarding this winter (maybe even two trips). I’m hoping to take a trip to Hawaii during Fall 2016 to watch my brother compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona (fingers crossed!). Other than that, I will be enjoying my time exploring my own backyard – Kansas City. There’s so much to experience in this beautiful city so I’m excited to share more of it with you.

My First Year - Travel Far, Eat Well

Kansas City Skyline

Another exciting milestone that is in the works is moving Travel Far, Eat Well to a self hosted website ( instead of I’ve been thinking about making the switch for a while and am finally ready to take the leap. Stay tuned for more updates on this!


Thank you again to all my readers and don’t forget to subscribe via e-mail on the right sidebar to continue following the adventures that await during the next year!

27 thoughts on “My First Year – Travel Far, Eat Well

    • Thanks so much for reading, Kate! And welcome to the blogging community 🙂 I really enjoyed your post on Wellfleet, it’s the perfect complete guide to a great weekend exploring the area! I’m looking forward to reading more about your travels.

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    • Fortunately I graduated from college last May and took 5 weeks off before starting my job to travel through Europe which I’m so happy I did! Now that I’m working, I only get 3 weeks of vacation each year so I’m not planning to use any of my vacation time unless I’m actually going on a trip. For instance, I’m not going to take any days off to just lie around at home because I don’t feel like working. It’s really about optimizing the vacation days that you have and utilizing the weekends to add time to your trips (that goes for holidays too which are free vacation days). It will definitely be harder to travel now that I’m working and only get so many days off each year but with a little extra planning I’ll continue to check off destinations on my bucket list 🙂 I hope your studies are going well, engineering is a great degree!


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