The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

Two things..

One. I know, I know, I know, French fries aren’t actually French… they’re Belgian. BUT, Sant and I traveled through the Netherlands, Belgium and France and we tried the fries in almost every city we visited and the best fries we came across were in France. Although this particular shop is a Belgian Friterie (fry shop) so I think that makes it an acceptable best spot for fries. What more fitting city to find these delicious French fries in than the gastronomic capital of France and of the world, Lyon.

Two. I realize that everyone will have a different opinion on what the best fries in this region are, but I wanted to share mine because these fries were incredible. So here it goes…

Since the late 20th century, Lyon has built a solid reputation as the gastronomic capital and being the food lovers that we are, we couldn’t wait to explore Lyon and all of its culinary delights. We ate a lot of delicious food during our time in Lyon, but one thing we couldn’t stop talking about for days and even weeks after was the French fries at Friterie Bintje & Zoet.

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

Bintje & Zoet is a small fry shop in the heart of Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon). It sits on one of the most popular streets in Vieux Lyon, Rue Saint-Jean, so it’s in a great location and is super easy to find. The only thing we tried here were the French fries, so I can’t attest to the other food but if it’s anything like the fries then I’m sure it’s mouthwatering.

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

Sant and I decided to stop here since it was close to the apartment we were staying in and we bought a grand cornet (cone) of fries to share. In hindsight, we really should have bought two because after tasting them, I don’t think either of us wanted to share. I think the thing that makes these fries infinitely better than ones from home are that these are thicker and double fried which make them super crispy and oh, so delicious.

The Best Spot to Eat French Fries in France

I love to dunk my fries in sauce so, of course, I couldn’t pass up trying the different sauces. My favorite ended up being the mayonnaise sauce which is pretty typical to eat with Belgian fries. Sant loved the andalouse sauce which had a little kick to it and was really good (I’ll admit, I loved it too!).

During one of our days in Lyon, we bought a grand cornet of fries and took it back to our apartment. After devouring it, Sant says “I think I’m going to go back and get more.” I laughed, but he was so serious about it, he walked back down the street and returned a few minutes later with another grand cornet of fries… which we devoured, again.

I definitely recommend visiting Lyon as it ended up being one of our favorite cities on our trip. Lyon is a foodie’s paradise with some of the most delicious food in the world. If you find yourself in Lyon, do not miss trying the fries at Bintje & Zoet in Vieux Lyon. They are affordable, crispy, and downright mouthwatering, so don’t skip the best fries in France! 

Have you ever been to Bintje & Zoet? Where have you eaten the best fries?


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    • I’ve never been to Lille, but I might just have to go there and try some of the fries 🙂 I was so impressed with the big cone too! It’s much more fun to eat your fries out of a cone haha.

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