My Favorite Spot for Pizza in Madrid

Pequeño quatro queso pizza, por favor.

Translation: small four cheese pizza, please. I used this phrase a lot during the month I lived in Madrid. Ópera Pizza easily became my favorite pizza place in Madrid. It’s conveniently located right near the Ópera metro stop or about a 10 minute walk from Puerta del Sol (the center of Madrid). The restaurant has outside seating so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a slice of pizza while people watching. I spent several warm summer evenings sitting outside under the setting sun with wonderful friends. A cheesy slice of pizza in hand as we watched the commotion in the street and all the strangers passing by.

Ópera Pizza - Madrid || Travel Far, Eat Well

The pizza is reasonably priced and the staff is super friendly. The restaurant has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere so don’t be surprised if you get caught up chatting long after the pizza is gone. If you are looking for an affordable and tasty place to grab some food, I definitely recommend Ópera Pizza!

Ópera Pizza - Madrid || Travel Far, Eat Well

My very delicious four cheese pizza.

Looking for more to do in Madrid? Check out San Ginés for yummy churros and chocolate and Las Ventas for breathtaking architecture of Madrid’s bullring.

Have you ever been to Ópera Pizza? Have any other suggestions for great places to get pizza in Madrid?


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Spot for Pizza in Madrid

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