New Year, New Adventures

With every new year comes new adventures.

2015 will be a very exciting year for me- I’m graduating from college, backpacking Europe with my boyfriend, and starting my first “big girl” job. Several months ago I decided that I wanted one more big adventure before I got sucked into the world of working 8-5 everyday so along came the idea of backpacking Europe. Right after graduation, I would hop on a plane and explore Europe for a few weeks, and who better to go with than my loving boyfriend. Not long after, I was ordering travel guides and preparing to take on the daunting task of planning a backpacking trip.

About a thousand questions came to mind- What countries do we want to visit? Where will we stay? How will we travel between cities? How much money will this cost? How long can we travel? What should we pack? What is the best backpack to take?

Travel Far, Eat Well

Fast forward several months and I have almost all of these questions answered- we have decided to travel for 4 weeks, starting mid-May, exploring the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. I have learned a lot about planning for a trip, how to stay on a budget, how to plan an itinerary, and much more that I will share over the next several months leading up to our trip.

I am not an expert traveler, I’m learning new things everyday so I would love any feedback and advice from fellow travelers on trip planning or any of the countries that we are planning to visit. I want to know all of the must-see places in the countries we are traveling to make sure we don’t miss anything 🙂


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